What's Dover

 What's Dover


Dover is a B2C fashion brand cross-border marketplace with Japanese customer service.


Are you interested in selling the brand products, accessories of smartphone and sporting goods etc. directly to Japan?

Marketplaces in Japan are not Rakuten Ichiba. Amazon Japan, also 'Dover'!!

Dover ’s been developed based on Shopify  which is the most popular ecommerce platform in oversea. We provide admin page in English for oversea company. The storefront of Dover is all in Japanese.


Dover's system


Dover has a complete system which will enable overseas companies, which do not have branches or sales offices in Japan, succeed in business.



●Overseas companies can start business by opening a shop in Dover(examination for opening required).

●Translation of product master into Japanese by professional translators at low cost(fare-paying service).

●Orders will be updated in English in your management screen, when products are sold.

●Your company ship the product by international delivery service.

●Settlements are offered at Dover. Credit card settlements are done by Shopify system.

●All customer support in Japanese will be done  by Dover's customer center. Any questions will be forwarded to your company by email in English, and your answer will be communicated by Dover in Japanese to the customer.

●In case products are returned, Dover's Fulfillment Center will receive the products in your place.

●Dover will put product listing ads in your place.

●Dover will remit sales proceeds overseas. 





 E-commerce in Japan


In the e-commerce industry, Japan is the third largest market next to USA and China. Among them Japan's cross border e-commerce market is growing very rapidly. 


Estimate of Japan's cross border e-commerce (billion yen)

year 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 
USA(Import source) 2,019 2,261 2,510 2,761 3,023





 Problems for overseas companies


For overseas companies there are some obstacles to enter into the Japanese market in the e-commerce area. Dover not only offers a market place but a complete service which solves all the obstacles for overseas companies.

1. translation of product  information  into Japanese

2. customer support in Japanese

3. corresponding in English on Japan side

4. reception of returned products

5. marketing

6. collection of payments made by bank transfer




 Service available to your company


Service  Details
1.use of market place Management screen  exclusive for your company will be offered and you can do business with Dover.
2.translation  translation of product master into Japanese is available at  JPY8/word

3.customer support 

customer support in Japansese(Free fee)
4.reporting  Any questions related to customer service will be forwarded to your company by email in English
5.Return products Dover's fulfillment center handle retufn, storing and resend for a fee.
6.SEM Listing advertisement representative service(ads fee will be charged to you)
7.money transfer service collection of payments made by bank transfer(bank transfer fee will be charged to you)