To become a merchant

 1.Application procedure


1.Request document

Please Email us for the Dover guidebook.
We will send you the document by Email. 



Apply from the merchant application page.

Fill in the application form from Dover guidebook and email us.

We need the copy of a company registration for screening. 


3.Screening by Dover

4.Screening result

If you pass the screening ,the result will be emailed to you.


Make a contract.

6.Account issue request

When you pass the screening, we will have the merchant login information.

7.Management login setting

1)Register store information 

2)Make store information
Please register by Japanese. If you don't have the Japanese information of the product, use Dover translation service of our company or others. If you use the Dover translation service, please provide the product master  CSV file of Dover's format.

3)Upload product information

4) Start selling

9.Contact us

We offer the English technical support.





1.Confirm the contract

Check the contents of contract

2.Conclusion of a contract

Dover will email the PDF of signed contract. Please email us the PDF of the contract which your sign. then the contract will be confirmed.



 3. Service Guidance


Download service guidance


 4.Charge list


Dover charge list

1. Initial fee

 Item  fee  detail
Japanese translation fee JPY8/word Translation fee of product information etc.
Advertising Cost (SEM) JPY50,000  Google Adwords (for 1month)

 *In case product information is in a foreign language, Japanese is required as Japanese customer cannot understand.

**We charge advertisement fee when opening the shop. The advertisement fee of JPY50,000 ( fee for 1 month) will  all be allocated to listing ads of your products. Advertisement will be placed by Dover. If you are able to increase your advertisement budget to more than JPY50,000, then please let us know.




 2.Monthly fee

Monthly usage fee is free of charge.


3. Sales commission

Dover commission

sales commission


10% of monthly sales

system and settlement commission

・Shopify usage fee

・settlement commission

3.5% of monthly sales 


4.Other fees


remittance commission

actual fee charged for overseas remittance commission by bank transfer

Actual fee 

 commission for receiving returned products

in addition, actual fee for domestic shipping fee is added onto JPY600

JPY 600(each)